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Real-time view and control of all your machines

Machine Talkz


Universal management of the world’s smart fleets

Your entire fleet is now accessible from a central system – all the insights, all the controls. With the Machine Talkz IoT fleet management platform, you can finally achieve the simplicity that has long eluded equipment dealers throughout the industry. 

Each of your assets is monitored, protected, and optimized through a streamlined program, transforming your arsenal into a profit powerhouse. It’s smart management that allows you to stay on the competitive cutting edge.


Control every fleet asset from a central hub, no matter the brand


Assess usage and performance of each machine


See actionable insights based on live, complete data


Grasp opportunities to streamline and improve

A cost-effective platform with end to end visible to stakeholders

Savings On Operational Costs 0%
Optimal total cost of ownership 0%
Reduce Asset Downtime 0%
Defer new purchases 0%
Leverage data to lower operational cost 0%
Maximize Asset Usable Life 0%

All the features for complete fleet management

Remote Monitoring

Monitor all your assets in one place with an intuitive alarm console. All the details you will ever need are presented in asset-level dashboards, data trends, connected assets, schedulers, work order history, etc. Get complete information about an asset’s lifecycle and health at just a glance.

Intelligent Reports

Stay up to speed and prepared for anything. Receive detailed reports on fuel & battery consumption patterns, trips, utilization, and more.

Benchmark and Compare Assets

Boost your bottom line by comparing different assets and learning which models are the most profitable for your business. Automated benchmarking of assets lets you know which ones are performing best or worst.


Stop wondering and rest easy. DIY geo-fencing capability ensures that your machines are safe, and only used for the purposes and sites they were contracted for.

Detailed Alarm Settings

Easy-to-use alarm configuration wizard allows for maximum flexibility and effectiveness. Control alarm offsets, category, severity, wait periods, pre-conditions, and more. Accommodate anything your fleet managers can think of.

Workflow Integration

Achieve a new level of efficiency. Integrate your workflow with the fault detection sequence, generate work orders, track the progress, and follow up with aging reports. Send your comments and diagnostic reports straight to the workshop technicians.

Predictive Maintenance

Out of the blue breakdowns are a thing of the past. Continuously monitor the health and efficiency of your assets and predict when they will need maintenance. This not only keeps your clients satisfied, it also ups your service revenue. Let the system generate the maintenance plan automatically, or use the supervised mode for manual control.

Total Mobility

Get your alarms, notifications, and reports on the go. The Work Order Pro mobile app can manage all your maintenance activities from wherever is most convenient for you.


Weed out the noise. Get intuitive dashboards designed separately for multiple user roles. Each user can concentrate on what they need to achieve their own KPIs. Drill down from a portfolio-wide view to individual assets.

Integrated Document Management

Document organization is now simplified. Keep your contracts, vehicle documents, fitness certificates, and more all in one place, with expiry notifications and reminders. Quickly locate all documents related to an individual asset.

Earn more from every machine. Strengthen every customer relationship.

Supercharge your productivity with Machine Talkz

Tackling your biggest hurdles

Truly Universal

The pain of messy management is over. No matter the make, no matter the model, your machines are all supported by a single system. You no longer need to subscribe to and manage multiple portals from different vendors. Directly access more than 60+ engine parameters and beat out any run-of-the-mill GPS tracking solution. The multi-tenant design allows you to assign assets to multiple clients and sub-clients, staying within your own organizational hierarchy.

Truly Universal
Enforce your SLAs

Enforce your SLAs

Do you know where your machines are at all times? What about how they’re being used? Get complete certainty with custom geofence and time alarms that ensure your assets are used only for the purpose and site they were contracted. Configure dashboards according to your SLAs to guarantee no over-usage. Mobile apps and notifications keep you on top of your fleet operations wherever you go.

Meet Customer Needs

Open up more earning opportunities by anticipating the needs of your customers. Predictive maintenance schedules, late maintenance reports, and condition monitoring enable you to see when clients will need billable servicing or equipment switch-outs. Help your customers avoid downtime and stay on schedule, earning their trust and loyalty.

Meet Customer Needs
Spot Your Star Assets

Spot Your Star Assets

Collaborative development and customization of products is fully enabled. All APIs in the platform are managed through the API gateway, which aids security management, access throttling, and standardizing the access of APIs by developers (both internal and community). Datalkz uses state of the art API management standards.

Guaranteed to optimize your fleet

Manage and monitor every machine from one platform, no matter the brand

Cut multiple manufacturer RMS subscription costs

Retrofit older assets well below manufacturer rates

Use predictive maintenance to meet customer needs and max service revenue

Maintain an accurate picture of current asset values and remaining lifespans

Get the highest possible ROI out of your assets

Identify most lucrative assets for future fleet expansion

The smarter industry gets, the smarter your fleet needs to be.

The world of industry is growing at a lightning-fast pace. As it pushes groundbreaking construction projects, technical innovation, and more intelligent transportation, the machines used to meet those goals have become more important than ever. 

To have value in the industry of tomorrow, equipment dealers need to ensure maximum availability and performance from their machines. This isn’t just critical for meeting clients’ rising expectations, it’s also the key to getting the best possible results for your business. 

Machine Talkz is one of the first fleet IoT developers that can offer the power of full platform service. Our market leadership enables us to help the world’s fleet operators adapt to industrial evolution, embracing the technology and insights necessary to remain competitive. 

When you partner with us, you elevate your fleet to the standards of the new smart world.

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